Mission & Vision

  • To provide our youth with positive parallel life skills, values, drive, motivation, and discipline needed to play the game of golf;
  • To instill in our youth the sportmanship, honesty, courtesy, integrity, and perseverance needed to enjoy the game of golf;
  • To promote responsibility, respect and confidence in our youth while promoting excellent educational & cultural judgement in them so that someday they will practice the same principles in their daily lives;
  • To support our parent-child program, celebrate and promote families in the inner city;
  • To make the game of golf accessible in the inner city to all parents and  children;
  • To build a permanent state of the art: African American Golfers Museum and ICYG Clubhouse in Riviera Beach, FL


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~African American Golfers Hall of Fame & African American Collegiate & Youth Golfers Hall of Fame~
May 23-27, 2024
Palm Beach County, Florida

"2024 AAGHOF/AAC&YGHOF Celebration News"

Welcome to Inner City Youth Golfers, Inc. (ICYG)

ICYG, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, which was founded in the year 2000 in Riviera/West Palm Beach, Florida. We have since expanded to several other locations because of "our unique" approach of combining golf and education. ICYG, Inc. continues to expand and has already become the world's #1 inner city youth national golf program.

Youth Group at Golf Course

We provide a wonderful opportunity for all children ages 7 to 18 wishing to understand, learn, play, and enjoy the game of golf that most importantly teaches and instills life skill values that will stay with a person as they mature. This website offers you an unparalleled opportunity to see how we use the game of golf to promote academic excellence and mentoring of our youth in order to prepare them for the brighter futures of tomorrow.

We know that you will enjoy this site and hope you find the information about events and activities informative, useful, valuable, and enjoyable. If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, please let us know by clicking the Contact Us link. Call our youth program in Riviera/West Palm Beach, Florida, about our golf instruction and golf tournaments for teens and children in our community.

We invite you to become a part of ICYG!

African American Golfers Museum & Inner City Youth Golfers Clubhouse is coming soon! Dont miss getting your "Brick" for this historical building.

To be part of history go to: http://www.fundraisingbrick.com/icyg or click here to get an order form. 

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Malachi and Esmeralda Knowles


Camp quest-21

Camp Quest-2021

City of Riviera Beach Parks & Recreation Department; KOP Mentoring Network; African American Golfers Museum; African American Collegiate & Youth Golfers Hall of fame; Bear Lakes Country Club; Golf Fore Anyone, Inc.; Make Golf Your Thing; Palm Beach County Sports Commission;  Women in Golf Foundation; Children's Healthcare Charity;  Signs by Tomorrow; Nicklaus Golf Equipment Co.; University of Maryland Eastern Shore Professional Golf Management Program, USGA, GCBAA Foundation; Youth On Course; Christine's Hope for Kids; KOP Mentoring Network.